If you are aged 8-14 years old and love history as much as we do, we want to hear from you!

Become a HistoriCool Junior Historian by submitting a piece of work (an article, research report or another piece of writing about any aspect of history) to HistoriCool. You can write a piece from scratch or submit a school assignment that you are really proud of. 

If your piece gets chosen by our chief editor, you will get published in HistoriCool and your work will be read by thousands of kids around the country! How cool is that?

Not only that, but you will receive a one-year subscription to HistoriCool plus an awesome gift that only other HistoriCool Junior Historians will have! Talk about exclusive! 

What are you waiting for? Get writing!

Download and fill in the Junior Historian Submission Form and show it to your parents before you submit your piece of work. Send all submissions to


Congratulations to all of our Junior Historians so far...

2013: Katherine Boyle, 14; Hannah Harding, 8; Jaylen Peters, 8; Tahlia Lacy, 11; Joshua Winter, 12; Lauren Rametta, 12; Olivia Rivers, 12.

2014: Edwin Nicholson, 12; Nikita Krasnadamskis, 8; Mitchell Letcher, 10; Nina Van Beem, 12; Taliesin Heyman-Griffiths, 13; Anthony Wright, 14; Violet Seah, 9.

2015: Elaina Kirpichnikov, 9; Sasha Beggs, 8; Maddison Parker, 12; Emma Guenther, 10; Asher Cole, 11; Belle Hirst, 10, Hunter Millard, 12; Alessandra Ward, 11.

2016: Caleb Chin, 8; Louis Urschitz, 11; Madeline Midwinter, 13; Jaeger Fawcett, 10; Cassidy Jackson, 13; Cindy Jin, 11

2017: Jacob Dedman, 11; Heidi Murphy, 10; Pi Jeffares, 10