Gory, Gross and Totally True Stories from History

Gory, Gross and Totally True Stories from History



 978-0-646-97594-8 | First published September 2017

Revoltingly compiled by Lucy Singer
Disgustingly illustrated by Patrick Hawkins

These are the stories that give the past a bad name, the stories that make you hope that history definitely won't repeat itself, and the stories that make grown-ups turn green and kids disturbingly happy... These are the grossest, goriest stories from history. And, unfortunately for those that lived them, they're totally true.

Containing 64 pages of repulsive stories first published across five years of HistoriCool Magazine, you won't want to read this book in one go... At least not if you want to have an appetite anytime soon.

These nine distasteful topics are covered in this book:

  • Poop, fart and pee your way through history
  • You'll never complain about modern medicine again...
  • 'Hello boss *cough cough* I can't come in today'
  • Raise a glass to food, disgusting food!
  • Death comes to us all... but faster for some...
  • The revolting price of looking good and smelling fine
  • It's no wonder that kids of the past had totally terrifying nightmares
  • At least when you die you don't have to see what happens next
  • War, what is it good for? (Gross stuff, mostly)

Not for the faint-hearted or sensible. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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