Why can't I subscribe to HistoriCool?
The option to subscribe to HistoriCool is no longer available because, after 5 years and 30 issues, we are taking a small break from the regular production of the magazine after December 2017. However, our past issues, books and digital resources are still available!

I have heard that the magazine is stopping at the end of 2017 - will my subscription be honoured?
Absolutely. If you have purchased a subscription from our website during 2017, the number of issues you subscribed and paid for was reflective of the number of issues remaining at your time of subscription. For example, if you subscribed in March, you only subscribed and paid for 5 issues delivered over a 10-month period, rather than 6 issues delivered across 1 year.

If you subscribed or renewed through a third-party website like iSubscribe, you may have paid for more issues than we have remaining. If this is the case, we will be in contact with you in December to offer you a credit to use on our website for any back issues, books or teaching resources that may be missing from your collection, or a refund correlating to the number of issues you overpaid for.

When will I receive my first/next subscription copy?
HistoriCool is a bi-monthly publication, which means it is published once every two months. Depending on when you order, you may be waiting up to 7 or 8 weeks for your first copy to arrive. Hard-copy mailing lists are finalised one week before each on-sale date, while digital subscribers continue to be added to the digital mailing list until the on-sale date. Subscriptions placed after these dates will commence with the issue following.

The on-sale dates of our next few issues are as follows:
Issue 29: Monday, 9 October
Issue 30: Monday, 4 December

Due to lengthened delivery times by Australia Post, hard-copy subscribers should allow up to 10 days from these dates for their issue to arrive before contacting us.

Can I be invoiced for my purchase?
Yes - we just don't have the capability to offer that option online. Instead, print out a magazine order form or book order form found at each of their respective pages.

How do you recommend using HistoriCool in the classroom?
Here are some ideas from teachers who already make use of HistoriCool in their classrooms:

  • As the increasingly frayed and slightly bedraggled (but still educational and entertaining) resource that students flock to during free reading time.
  • To introduce or compliment a historical study, using our Teacher Packs for ideas and support.
  • As excellent material for setting reading comprehension tasks.
  • As a resource to challenge students in an advanced learning program, using our Teacher Packs for ideas and support.

Do you have any specials for home educators
Yes! Homeschooling families are entitled to free Teacher Packs coinciding with any past issues they purchase. Simply mention in the 'Additional info' field of the checkout that you are a home educator and we will make sure you receive access to our teaching resources with your purchase.

When will my back issue or book purchase arrive?
Issue and book purchases are usually packed and sent within 24 hours of receiving your order, except over weekends and public holidays. Depending on where you are located (we're in Melbourne!), you should expect your delivery within 3-7 business days of placing your order.

Am I charged postage for purchases through the HistoriCool website?
HistoriCool magazine and book purchases ship absolutely free anywhere in Australia! For New Zealand residents, an additional fee is charged at the checkout to factor in the added cost of posting across the Tasman.

Do you post magazines and books outside of Australia?
Hard-copy magazine purchases placed online can only be posted within Australia and to New Zealand. But our friends around the world are more than welcome to purchase digital versions of our mags! If you are desperate to have hard-copies sent overseas, please email and we will happily provide you with a postage quote.

I purchased a digital magazine/teacher resource, but now it says the link has expired. What should I do?
Links to your purchased digital goods expire 24 hours after you first click on them, so the safest thing to do is to save the files as soon as you access them (unfortunately this is a website setting we aren't able to change!) If you have purchased digital products that you can no longer access, just shoot us an email to and we'll send over your files!

What devices can I use to read HistoriCool eMags?
HistoriCool eMags can be read using any digital device - your computer, tablet, phone, refrigerator with internet connectivity... Okay, maybe not that last one... HistoriCool eMags are hosted with Joomag. Who-mag?! Joomag! Joomag allow our mags to be read with ease wherever you have a device and internet access. Plus, they allow you to download an issue as a PDF for offline reading and, of course, printing out the puzzle pages! If you experience difficulties viewing a purchased HistoriCool eMag, please contact

How do I share my unlimited license with other teachers and students at my school?
Simply share your unique issue link and password with anyone who wants it - within the confines of your school, of course! You can upload your access information to your school library catalogue or intranet, flip through an issue in your Interactive Whiteboard, or download the issue as a PDF by clicking the download icon from within the Joomag browser and upload the PDF to be accessible to your staff and students.

Can I print pages from an eMag?
Because we really don't want eMag readers to miss out on all the fun games and activities that can't be done so well on screen - as well as any other pages that you'd like to have in hard-copy - you are more than welcome to print these pages out. From a computer that is linked to a printer, jump onto the Joomag browser and click the print icon!


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