Air & Sea

Air & Sea


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In this issue we fly through some milestones of aviation history and set sail to look at some of history's great, though sometimes ill-fated, adventures by sea!

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Aviation through the Ages
By Sharyn McCrae and Lucy Singer
Aviation has come a long way since a sheep, a rooster and a duck became the first ever passengers of a hot air balloon! 

Titanic Mistakes
By Juliet Nelson
What went wrong on that fateful day in 1912? More than just an iceberg in the way as it turns out...

William Dampier: The Pirate who Found Australia
By Catherine Gordon
Was the first Englishman to set foot on Australian soil a pirate?

First Fleet Roll Call
By Amie Brockwell
Meet five of the convicts on board the First Fleet. Read about the crimes they committed to find themselves on their way to Australia and what happened when they got there.

Len Waters: A Pioneer of Indigenous Aviation
By Alister McKeich
Len was the first and only Aboriginal pilot to serve in the Royal Australian Air Force in World War II. This is his story.

The Bone Wars
By Gary Campbell
In the nineteenth century, in America's west, a war was fought, not with guns and canons, but with picks and shovels!

Six Reasons to Thanks the Ancient Greeks
By Ed Gardiner
From the alphabet to democracy, the Ancient Greeks invented a lot to be grateful for!

Oh, What a Knight: The Knight's Templar
By Deanna Proach
If you've ever seen a picture of a knight wearing a white robe decorated with a red cross, you're about to find out what it means!

The History of Carrier Pigeons
By Tahlia Lacy, 12 (Junior Historian)
Tahlia flies through the history of carrier pigeons in her winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program.

Capturing Easter Island
Known for the stone moai statues that dot across the land, Easter Island was home to one of the most mysterious ancient cultures to have lived and disappeared.

The Oldest Person in the World
Imagine the amount of history you would witness if you lived to 122! Jeanne Calment did just that!

Cheers to Horatio!
When Admiral Horatio Nelson died in the Battle of Trafalgar, things took a rather disgusting turn!

My History...with Candice Dixon
We catch up with Saturday Disney presenter Candice Dixon about her past, present and future!

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