Discovering the Ancient World

Discovering the Ancient World


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In this issue we discover the ancient world and those who inhabited it using the research and technology of the modern day. We travel to ancient Egypt, take a look at paintings drawn by cavemen in France, and we dive into 2,000-year-old Roman poop (not literally, though!) Come with us!

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The Ancient World Timeline
From the birth of the first civilisation to the modern-day discovery of what remains of another, we speed through some of the coolest dates in ancient history.

Animals of Ancient Egypt
By Katherine Blakeney
They worshipped them, worked with them and were even buried with them... Find out why the anicent Egyptians really loved their animals.

Skeletons, Poop and Pompeii
By Brenda Gurr
When fifty-four ancient skeletons and a barrel full of equally old poop came to the attention of scientists, what they found out about the Roman city of Pompeii was amazing!

Strange Encounters: Ancient Meets Modern
By Emmy Lyall
In 1984, nine Aboriginal family members, who had spent their lives surviving in the traditional way that their ancestors had for thousands of years, were faced with modern-day Australia for the very first time...

The Cave
By Penny Garnsworthy
The Cave is a true story of concealment and conservation about a group of young boys who stumbled upon an ancient wonder and strived to keep it safe.

History's Failed Predictions
By Lucy Singer
"Everything that could be invented has already been invented," said Charles H. 1899... Whoops!

A Time and Place to Reflect: Remembering Australia's Vietnam Veterans
By Tess Holderness
A new regional commemorative site makes sure that the lives and stories of all those who fought during the Vientnam War are never forgotten.

Mooning Throughout the Ages
By Sharona Lin
Bart Simpson may have made it famous, but bare bums have been used to mock and embarrass for thousands of years!

By Asher Cole, 11 (Junior Historian)
Asher defines Anthropology and tells us why he finds it fascinating in his winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Map Watch
Move aside Google Maps, this is the world's first GPS!

Helen Keller: And then there was Light
By Kate Barry
She was blind, deaf, and a force to be reckoned with...

Freaky Fairytales
You'll never look at Goldilocks the same again...

A Brother for Lucy?
A new discovery of human-like bones could change what we know about our evolution!

My History... with Jackie French
Reknowned Australian author, Jackie French, chats to us about growing up, writing and history!

At the Ancient Greek Table
Throw together a Staititai, an ancient Greek pizza, and eat like a Roman today!

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