Animals in History

Animals in History


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In this issue we put the focus on our furry, feathered and scaled friends in the animal kingdom, look at their evolution, and celebrate some of the most interesting animals to have made their mark on history.

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Animals in History Timeline
From the first evidence of pets over 12,000 years ago, to monkeys paining artworks, we whiz through a history of animals!

Pooches of the Past
By Christian Jaros and Lucy Singer
There is barely a chapter of history that doesn't include the muddy paw prints of a dog running, however faintly, across its pages. This article looks at some amazing historic hounds. 

The Real Winnie the Pooh
By Sandi Rivers
If you thought that Winnie the Pooh was just a loveable Disney character, think again! Meet the real Winnie and learn how she inspired the best-selling stories!

Living Dinosaurs
By Christian Jaros
It might be hard to believe, but some creatures with whom we share our planet have barely changed since prehistoric times!

Pu Yi and the Dragons of China
By Gary Campbell
Emperor of China, Pu Yi had a rather unusual nickname: Dragon Face. But it wasn't as mean as it seems!

Bring on Bastille Day!
By Emmy Lyall
Every year on July 14, France is a buzz with the festivities of Bastille Day. But the history of this special day dates back to a time when France was not such a happy place to be...

The Menu of Multiculturalism
By Lucy Singer
This article munches its way through the history of Australian multiculturalism, from the tasteless time of days gone by to the flavoursome culture we find ourselves a part of today.

Don't Mess with the Shieldmaidens!
By Joshua Allerton
For a long time it was believed that the Vikings had a strong view about gender roles: men were the warriors, and women were the housekeepers. That was until archaeologists made a surprising discovery...

The Legend of Kotai
By Nina Van Beem, 12 (Junior Historian)
Nina shares the amazing journey undertaken by her great grandparents to flee war-torn Hungary for Australia in her winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Cricket Cage
This article goes out to all of the pet crickets who have more lavishly decorated homes than their owners!

The Explosive History of Alfred Nobel
If it wasn't for Alfred reading his own obituary, he may never have began the prestigious prizes in his name!

Elagabalus: The Punk of Rome
A word of advice: never attend one of third century Roman Emporer Elagabalas' dinner parties!

My History...with Pip Russell
We catch up with Totally Wild host Pip Russell about her past, present and future!

Animals in HistoriCookery
By Alice Zaslavsky
Alice shares a culinary history of animals, including the rather disgusting food feat known as the 'Turducken,' and teaches us her recipe for yummy Choux Swans!

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