Australians at War

Australians at War


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In this issue we remember and celebrate the efforts and sacrifices of Australia's servicemen, servicewomen and emus... Wait, what? After an earnest look at the Gallipoli landings, the Darwin bombings and a child's life growing up during World War II, we get a little silly and have a good chuckle at another 'war' - when emus took on the Australian army... and won! 

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Australians at War Timeline
From frontier conflict to Aussie dogs in action in Afghanistan, we look at some of Australia's most historic military involvements.

Stories from Gallipoli
By Lucy Singer
On the 100th anniversary year, experience Gallipoli through the pens of those who were there. From enlisting to surviving, their stories are nothing but incredible.

Dead Dad: A Letter to Kokoda
By Kate Barry
What was life like for an Australian child growing up during World War II? Henry writes to his dad, who is stationed in Kokoda, to tell him all about it.

Australia Under Attack
By Catherine Gordon
Evacuate Darwin! Read the amazing story of what happened when the war came to Australia.

The Great Emu War
By Sharona Lin
What happens when you cross 20,000 emus with two regiments of the Royal Australian Artillery? One of the funniest stories of war you'll ever read - that's what!

5 Staples of the Aztec Pantry
By Sian Johnson
The Aztecs: keep them away from your pet dog at dinner time...

To the Moon and Back
By Sandi Rivers
Find out what astronauts took with them to the moon, what came back, and what still lies on its surface, waiting for martians...

The Story of How Stinkin' Onions Saved a Pharaoh's Son
By Linda Hansen
Onions. They make us cry, they make our breath stink., oh, and they save ancient Egyptian royalty...

The Suffragettes
By Maddison Parker, 12 (Junior Historian)
Maddison dives into the history of women's voting rights in her winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Moustache Cup
For all the men who don't want their mo to get milky, the moustache cup has got you covered!

Nancy Wake: The White Mouse
By Brenda Gurr
Silently creeping through war-torn Europe, Nancy Wake really was a woman with a mission!

The Menu on the Mayflower
Cockroaches, maggots and weevils, oh my! Just three reasons why you wouldn't have wanted to cruise on the Mayflower!

Magna Carta Found in a Sandwich (of sorts)
It's soggy, torn and barely readable... and worth a cool million dollars!

My History... with Matt Drummond
Matt Drummond, the creative mind behind the new Dinosaur Island film adventure chats to us about dinos, movies and history!

Please Sir, May I Have Some More?
With plenty of food only a trip to the pantry away, it's hard to imagine a time where a new stick of butter meant saving up coupons. We road test a chocolatey recipe for war time rationers!

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