Extraordinary Expeditions

Extraordinary Expeditions


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In this issue we grab our compasses and set off on an expedition to learn about the explorers who mapped Australia, the first successful Everest climb, the incredible journey of Nellie Bly and more! What are you waiting for?!

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Extraordinary Expeditions Timeline
From the horror voyage of Ferdinand Magellan to NASA's Mars missions, we take a fly-by look at some of history's most extraordinary expeditions.

Extraordinary Australian Explorers
By Catherine Gordon
What a thrill to explore an unmapped continent! From Cook, Flinders to Burke and Wills, Australia would not be the place it is today without their bravery, persistence and good walking boots...

To the Top of the World
By Lucy Singer
One freezing morning in 1953, two men went where no person had ever been before them: to the very summit of Mount Everest. This is their incredible story.

Around the World in 72 Days: The Journey of Nellie Bly
By Brenda Gurr
You might have heard of the fictional character, Phileas Fogg, who travelled around the world in 80 days, but have you heard of the determined young woman who beat him?

Fact or Fib? Marco Polo's Adventures
By Abigail Singrey
Marco Polo saw some amazing things during his expedition to China in the 13th century...But was unicorns really one of them? 

Let the Festivities Begin!
By Eleanor Hughes
The year is AD 81 and Emperor Titus is about to officially open the state-of-the-art Flavian Ampitheatre or, as we know it today, the Colloseum. Join him for the (gory!) celebration!

Welcome to the World's Wackiest Museums
By Alex Kopp
Step aside Museum of Natural History! Make way Museum of Modern Art! We're going to the International Museum of Toilets! Poo-yah! 

A Message in a Bottle
By Sandi Rivers
Have you ever thrown a message in a bottle into the sea? These people have, and it resulted in some pretty special stories...

The History of the Sandwich
By Caleb Chin, 8 (Junior Historian)
Caleb makes us way too hungry in his winning submissions to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Ceremonial Dagger
One man's ceremonial dagger is another man's doorstop...

Jane Goodall: Wildlife Warrior
She gets to play with and protect chimpanzees all day - and make history while she's at it. Jealous!

The End of King Tut
King Tutankhamun had a short life, but it's what happened after it ended that gets really freaky... 

Bo Fish! Ancient Game Found in China
History is being made in the headlines! We get to the bottom of an ancient boardgame found by archaeologists in China

My History... with Daisy Pearce
One of the superstars of women's football and ambassador for AFL Auskick, Daisy Pearce talks footy, peanut butter and making history!

Fool's Gold
Fool a friend with our HistoriCook recipe for golden nuggets (but not of the chicken variety!)

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