Fads & Fashions

Fads & Fashions


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In this issue we dive into fads and fashions and how they have shaped or have been shaped by the past. We embarrass Mum and Dad by revealing what they were wearing as tweens, become Egypto-maniacs, and pull on some gumboots and get dancing - South African miner style! 

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Fads & Fashions Timeline
From ancient deodorant to Loom Bands, these are the things that people have been wearing and crazing over since written history began...

Fashions Your Parents Thought Were Cool
By Lucy Singer
Go and ask Mum or Dad what they were wearing when they were your age and we're pretty sure they'll say some of the things inside this article (if they're not too embarrassed to admit it!)

These Boots Were Made for Talking
By Anne Renaud
You're in a dark, hot mine and you're not allowed to talk. What do you do? Well, black South African miners in the 1880s started to dance!

By Sharona Lin
It's the craze that swept a nation. And it's nothing like the crazes of today...!

Beneath the Emperor's New Clothes
By Cameron Paul
We get to the bare bottom of the famous tale of a king with a passion for fashion... 

How to Survive the Black Death
By Kate Barry
The step-by-step guide that every medieval Londoner wish they had...and everyone since knows would never have worked anyway...

Saying Hello to the Gubba Man
By Lucy Singer
What's the Aboriginal word for 'hello'? There isn't one - there arehundreds! 

A Tale of the Cottingley Fairies
By Brenda Gurr
Do you believe in fairies?

Polar Exploration
By Hunter Millard, 12 & Alessandra Ward, 11 (Junior Historians)
Hunter and Allessandra get creative in their study of Antarctic explorations in their winning submissions to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Signal Transmitter
This artifact has an epic disguise...

Eureka! It's Peter Lalor
We learn about the man behind the Eureka Stockade and the events that triggered it.

Stiff-as-a-Board Meeting
Welcome to the University attended by a 183-year-old corpse... 

Five Years, Five Prime Ministers
History is being made in the headlines! We take a look at some crazy Prime Minister facts as we welcome yet another PM to the job. 

My History... with Amy Ruffle
The star of Mako: Island of Secrets, Amy Ruffle, chats to us about mermaid tails, diving and the 1920s!

Fondue or Fon-don't?
Jump into the kitchen and cook up one of the greatest food fads of all time!

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