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In this issue we look freedom, both in the physical sense and in the sense of political and social rights, and the history-making ways in which people from all over the world have achieved it!

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Great Escapes
By Meagan Biacsi
There have been many amazing and miraculous escapes to freedom throughout history, and a cotton picker spending twenty-seven hours in a box through the American postal system is just the beginning!

Nelson Mandela and the Fight Against Apartheid
By Lucy Singer
Prior to 1994, black South Africans were subject to racist policies which impacted every aspect of their lives. Because of the efforts of Nelson Mandela, this is no longer the case.

Saying Sorry: The Apology to the Stolen Generation
By Alister McKeich
Saying sorry can be a hard thing to do, but in the case of the national apology to the Stolen Generations, it was much better late than never.

Voting for Girl Power!
By Sharyn McCrae
Until not so long ago, a man was given many more rights than his wife. But some women fought back, making way for landmark changes in Australia politics and in women's lives to today.

Rosa Parks: The Mother of the Freedom Movement
It takes a special lady to deliberately break the rules no matter how harsh the punishment, but that is exactly what Rosa Parks did, and the world is better for it!

My Medieval Suitcase
By Sian Johnson
What clothes would you pack on a time machine holiday to Medieval England? Well, it all depends on the sort of people you want to blend in with when you get there!

Accidentally on Purpose: The 'Rediscovery' of Australia
By Doug Bradby
Why did the Dutch not bother settling in Australia? The lack of nutmeg of course!

The Bear Affair
By Deborah Stewart
We've all got a teddy bear, but do you know their history? It's more interesting (and more recent) than you might think!

My Grandpa: Eddie Peters
By Jaylen Peters, 8 (Junior Historian)
Jaylen shares a touching biography of his late grandpa in his winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program.

The Interesting History of Queen Victoria
By Hannah Harding, 8 (Junior Historian)
Hannah knows heaps about Queen Victoria and she shared it with us in her winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

G.I. Joey
Not all photographs taken during war are sad, and this photo of an American soldier with a baby joey is definitely one of the happier ones!

Buying Before Money
What did people use to buy things before there was money? 4 ton stones, sometimes!

Passing Laws or Passing Wind?
Emperor Claudius didn't want his dinner guests holding it in...

My History...with Jessica Watson
We chat to inspirational young sailor Jessica Watson about her past, present and future!

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