Historic Discoveries

Historic Discoveries


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In this issue we celebrate some of the most significant discoveries through history, the people who made them and how they impact our lives today.

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Historic Discoveries Timeline
From the discovery of fire over 750,000 years ago to today, there are countless historic discoveries worth a mention. Read about just a few of them in the Historic Discoveries Timeline.

Gold: How One Metal Shaped the World
By Christian Jaros
For millennia, civilisations have been going to great lengths to get their hands on gold and, in some cases, finding it changed the course of history.

If Skeletons Could Talk: An Interview with the Mungo Man
By Sandi Rivers
Discovered in 1974, the Mungo Man changed what we know about the enormous length of time that Aboriginal people have called Australia home.

The Great Hidden Continent and the Age of Exploration
By Mike McRae
For most of history, Australia was an unknown land south of the equator, and finding it sure wasn't simple!

Discovering Galileo
By Gary Campbell
Sometimes we are told that our ideas are silly, which is exactly what happened to Galileo - although his turned out to have astronomical importance!

Marie Curie: A Scientist for Humanity
With two Nobel Prizes under her belt, Marie Curie is truly a woman to look up to.

What's in a Name?
By Catherine Gordon
How do places get their names? Especially ones like Death Valley and Misery Island!? 

Time Warp: The Surprises of Time
By Lucy Singer
The train was invented before the bicycle?! Read about this and other weird historic time warps.

The Lady of Liberty
By Jessica Norman
A look at the Statue of Liberty, how she came to be where she is, and represent what she does.

Burial Practices and Religion of Ancient Egypt
By Edwin Nicholson, 12 (Junior Historian)
Edwin learnt all about Ancient Egypt in his Year 7 history class and he shares his favourite bits in his winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Competition.

HistoriCool Artifact: Pompeii Bread
Perfectly preserved, a humble loaf of bread reveals information about the eruption that buried Pompeii.

Not so Belladonna...
There's a lot to like about big, beautiful eyes, except when you use the juice of a poisonous plant to make them that way!

My History... with Alice Zaslavsky
We chat to Kitchen Whiz host and Masterchef finalist, Alice Zaslavsky, about her past, present and future!

HistoriCook: Cupcakes
By Sian Johnson
People have been scoffing cupcakes since the 1800s! Read their history and then make your own!

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