History at Work

History at Work


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In this issue we take a look at all the cool jobs that an interest in history can lead to. From reconstructing ancient cities and uncovering dinosaur bones, to upholding the law and even working at the coolest mag in history, maybe you'll find your new career dream inside these pages...!

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History at Work Timeline
From the first historian, to a modern-day farmer who accidentally discovered an ancient wonder, we look at the jobs that make history.

Making HistoriCool
By Lucy Singer
Have you ever wondered how a magazine is made? Find out how making the coolest mag in history is the coolest job in history (okay, we might be a little biased!)

A Day in My Life on an Egyptian Excavation Site
By Katherine Blakeney
As the daughter of an archaeologist, Katherine had one of the most awesome childhoods we can think of: at the site of an ancient Egyptian city!

History at the Bar & Why it Counts in Court
By Anna McHugh
Over time, countries have come up with some pretty crazy laws, and none more so than Britain. But if you have a legal profession in your sights, you need to know all about them!

Meet Pat the Palaeontologist
By Tess Holderness
Pat the Palaeontologist has been digging up the past for most of her life, and she has some pretty cool stories to share.

Lessons Learnt from Totally Embarrassing Emperor Deaths
By Sharona Lin
Some Emperors go peacefully, some go heroically. But these ones went with utter embarrassment!

You Said What?!
By Sandi Rivers
Where do we get some common sayings like "to turn a blind eye" and "spill the beans"? Their histories might surprise you!

Rumbling Tummies and Ramadan
By Yusef Ahmed
The Muslim month of celebration known as Ramadan is upon us. What is the meaning and the history behind it, and why are tummies rumbling?

Captain Cook Killed in Hawaii
By Emma Guenther, 10 (Junior Historian)
Emma reports on Captain James Cook's final voyage in her winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Ball and Chain
It was a convict's nightmare, but one with a fascinating history!

Houdini: A Life of Illusion
He stunned the world with his daring feats. Meet Erik Weisz. Wait, who?!

Knights in Stinking Armour
If you have dreams of being a medieval knight, you might not after this...

On the Money! Which Woman Will it Be?
For the first time, a woman will be commemorated on an American banknote... So who deserves the place?

My History... with Dr Rob Bell
Dr Rob Bell, the super cool host of science show, Scope, chats to us about pinapple farms, science and history!

It's a Date!
Dates have one of the longest food histories going around... Whip up some sweet date treats (that are super healthy too!) in less than half an hour!

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