Incredible Inventions

Incredible Inventions


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In this issue we do what is so rarely done: we stop and ponder the creation of the inventions that we use and take for granted every single day. From toilets to potato chips and maths homework, the who, when and how of these inventions may come as a surprise! 

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Incredible Inventions Timeline
From counting to calculators, we cover the stories behind some of humanities most important inventions.

Accidental Inventions
By Sandi Rivers
Have you ever done something by accident that has turned out really well? The inventors on these pages know that feeling well, having unexpectedly invented some of the products that we'd struggle to live without!

How the Loo Grew (And Sanitation Too!)
By Yusef Ahmed
We use it every day, but how did the humble toilet come about? It's a story that involves embarrassed queens and even more embarrassing surnames! 

A Horse for Troy
By Penny Garnsworthy
What do you get when you cross a stolen girlfriend with a clever invention? The Trojan War, and what a story it is!

Made in Mesopotamia
By Abra Pressler
Out of an ancient civilisation that many have never even heard of, came five inventions that changed the entire world!

Don't Go to the Antipodean Goldfields!
By Doug Bradby
The year is 1852 and Obediah and Elizabeth Standfield are very upset. Why? Because their children want to trail to dangerous Australia to find riches on the goldfields. Are their worries justified?

Pope Showdown
By Sharona Lin
What happens when three Popes all try to rule the Catholic Church at the same time? There's a Pope Showdown, of course!

Hero or Villain? You be the Judge
By Anna McHugh
Think about your hero. Chances are, there are some people out there that wouldn't agree with you, that might even hate the person that you admire. History is full of figures that divide populations; what's your opinion on these ones?

The History of Lego
By Elaina Kirpichnikov, 9 (Junior Historian)
Elaina shares the history of everybody's favourite construction toy in her winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program!

Amazing Art
By Sasha Beggs, 8 (Junior Historian)
Sasha delves into the long history of art in her winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program!

HistoriCool Artifact: Burglar Alarm
This artifact is great...that is until it's set off!

Helen Clark: Out of the Smoke and into the Fame
By Linda Hansen
New Zealand's first female Prime Minister has a list of accomplishments longer than a roll of toilet paper! Here's her story.

Re-Writing the Royals?
How is History reflected in today's news? It all comes down to a king under a car park!

The King of Horrors
What does King Henry VIII have in common with a bowl of dog food? You don't want to know...

My History... with Gabrielle Wang
We chat to one of the authors of the awesome Our Australian Girl series about her past, present and future!

Get some Parwill on your Plate!
Did you eat some Parwill for breakfast? You may have without even realising it!

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