Indigenous Australia

Indigenous Australia


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In this issue we celebrate the longest continuous living culture on the planet by taking a wide-reaching look at Aboriginal history, people and achievements!

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Indigenous Australia Timeline
From the arrival to the Apology, we look at some important events in Australia's Indigenous history.

In the Dreamtime...
By Gary Campbell
A retelling of four sacred Indigenous stories from around the nation.

Bilyana's Story
By Lucy Singer
Bilyana's Story is a fictional description of the landing of the First Fleet from the perspective of a young Aboriginal girl.

Indigenous Civil Rights
By Lachlan Clohesy
This article celebrates the milestones Australia's Indigenous population have achieved in reaching equality.

Indigenous Hall of Fame
By Catherine Gordon
From Musquito, the 19th century resistance fighter, to Jessica Mauboy, this article celebrates just four of the hundreds of famous Indigenous Australians to have made their mark on history.

The Wackiest Jobs in History
By Sandi Rivers
If you complain about emptying the dishwasher or taking out the trash, you probably won't after you read what a tosher had to do for a living!

The Evolution of Video Games
By Christian Jaros
A timeline of video games since the days of hitting a little white circle between two little white rectangles...

Wig Out! Fashions in Georgian Britain
By Abra Pressler
A look at the fashions of the Georgian era, which included women covering their smallpox scars by giving themselves lead poisoning...

The Aztecs
By Mitchell Letcher, 10 (Junior Historian)
Grade 4 student, Mitchel Letcher, shares his knowledge about the Aztecs in his winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

The History of the Bicycle
By Nikita Krasnadamskis, 8 (Junior Historian)
Nikita pedals back in time to the invention of the bicycle in her winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: The Tooth Key
Let's just say it's a good thing that modern dentistry has advanced since the 1800s!

Hatshepsut: The Female King of Egypt
She was one of Ancient Egypt's most prolific female rulers, but she was almost lost from historical records forever!

Don't get caught breaking the rules in the Incan Empire, you won't believe what they did to offenders!

My History... with Samantha Harris
We talk to Indigenous model, Samantha Harris, about her past, present and future!

HistoriCook: Hot Cross Buns
By Sian Johnson
Read the history of a favourite Easter treat before baking your own!

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