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Food & Drink


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In this issue we celebrate the role of food and drink in history! From Henry VIII's experimental kitchen to the Boston Tea Party (which led to the settlement of Australia as a penal colony!) and the flour shortage that led to some royal beheadings, it's bound to make you hungry!

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Food & Drink Timeline
From our evolution to eat meat more than 2 million years ago to a 735 metre sandwich, food had come a looooooong way!

Time Chef
By Lucy Singer
If Masterchef had a time-travelling spin-off, this is exactly what it would be like...

Turning the Spit
By Josephine Montgomery
John is twelve years old and woks in the Great Roasting Kitchen at Hampton Court Palace during the reign of Henry VIII - and his average day looks nothing like yours!

The War on Tea
By Marika Simon
How did tea start a war? We go swimming in the chamomile-infused Boston Harbour in 1773 to find out!

Let Them Eat Cake!
By Abigail Singrey
Cake-loving queen, meet your hungry peasants...

Grace & Sam: Courage in the Colonies
By Kate Barry
On December 1, 1876, Grace Bussell's nightmare came true. But what she did next made her an Australian hero, albeit a little-known one...

Interpreting the Dragomans
By Cameron Paul
This is how a few clever guys with a knack for embellishing the truth maintained an empire...

The Lade of the Lines
By Eleanor Hughes
If you like drawing pictures in the sand, then you've got something pretty cool in common with the ancient Peruvians!

A Miner's Life
By Cindy Jin, 11 (Junior Historian)
Cindy describes the life of a gold digger in rhyme in her winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Hair Receiver
You'll never look at that dead hair stuck in your brush the same way again...

HistoriCool Person: The Evolution of Charles Darwin
The world owes a lot to a little boy who once kept bugs in his mouth!

The Gory Story: Polly Want to Crack-ya
A president, a potty-mouthed parrot, and a funeral. What's the worst that could happen?

History in the Headlines: Kitchen Mishaps Older than the Kitchen Itself
Next time Mum overcooks the broccoli or Dad burns the sausages, just remind them that kitchen fails are nothing new...

My History: with Santa Claus
We chat to the jolly man himself about reindeers and his Australian gap-year after high school!

HistoriCook: Tea-riffic Christmas Shortbread
Now that the war on tea is over, making these Chamomile Tea Shortbread is easier than ever!

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