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In this issue we look at the disasters that have made history. From natural disasters that have ravaged Australia and abroad, to human blunders which left those involved with very red faces! And a disaster which sounds delicious...but was anything but!

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Disasters Timeline
From ancient times to modern, disasters have caused death, destruction and despair. We take a look at just a few.

Australian Natural Disasters
By Catherine Gordon
Fire, wind, water and earth: we can't live without them. But when the fire is out of control, the wind is going at cyclone speeds, the water is above your head and the earth is shaking, they can make Australian life pretty tough!

A Fly on the Wall: The Eruption of Thera
By Lucy Singer
In ancient Greece, a volcanic eruption roughly 100 times as powerful as the one that destroyed Pompeii occurred. There are no human accounts of the disaster...so it's pretty lucky we found one written by Buzz, a literal fly on the wall...

Whoops... History's Biggest Blunders
By Alex Kopp
From using the wrong unit of measurement to launch a rocket to invading Russia in the winter, these bloopers are a bit bigger than leaving your lunchbox at home...

Breaking News: The Great Molasses Flood
By Jessica Fallico
The year is 1919 and the streets taste like sugar. Delicious in theory, terrifying in reality!

Onboard the Lady Penrhyn
By Lucy Singer
The sea-sickening story of the First Fleet's all-female ship, as told by it's onboard doctor, Arthur Bowes Smith.

The Dark, Twisted History of Nursery Rhymes
By Cameron Paul
Think nursery rhymes are innocent and cute? Think again!

Anne the Pirate/Education Officer
By Karen Morrow
An interest in history can lead to some really cool jobs - like Anne's! She gets to guide school kids around big old ships!

The History of Lego
By Jacob Dedman, 11 (Junior Historian)
Jacob takes us deep into the history of everyone's favourite construction toy in his winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Vinaigrette
Do you sit behind a notorious farter in class? Perhaps invest in this 18th century accessory...

HistoriCool Person: Archie Baxter Will Not Cease
By Linda Hansen
If everybody was a little more like Archie Baxter, the world would be a more peaceful place.

The Gory Story: Catch Me if You Can
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me... except when they're written on the stones...

History in the Headlines: Give the Customs Officials a Hand
When a 3,000-year-old mummified Egyptian hand shows up at the airport, questions need to be asked...

My History: with Sean Murphy
Comedian Sean Murphy is freaking out kids across the country with his new show, Ghost Jam. It's a good thing he's better at telling ghost stories than he is at breaking out of kindergarten...

HistoriCook: Bake a Quake!
These earthquake cookies are much more palatable than the real thing!

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