Reign & Royalty

Reign & Royalty


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In this issue we discover that being a royal isn't all it's cracked up to be - from beheadings to royal stuff-ups and the cultural ignorance of European colonists who appointed Indigenous kings and queens! But ordering the construction of an entire Terracotta Army? Well, being a royal has its perks too!

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Reign & Royalty Timeline
From an Egyptian king who was actually a queen to the longest serving British monarch of all time (Queen Liz!), we speed through a history of those on thrones! 

The Six Wives of Henry VIII
By Brenda Gurr
Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. If you were one of Henry's wives, your chances didn't look too good...

What the Emperor Wanted
By Penny Garnsworthy
Emperor Qin took to the throne at the tender age of thirteen. And what thirteen year old doesn't want a life-size terracotta army?!

How the Monarchs Ended the Monarchy
By Linda Gleeson
Back in the Middle Ages, kings and queens were a BIG. DEAL. They had ALL the power. But through the silly, selfish and downright mean actions of three English kings, the monarchy was almost put out of work!

Aboriginal Royalty
By Lucy Singer
Aboriginal kings and queens? Yes - they really did exist, and they reveal a lot about the interactions between European colonisers and the First Australians!

Exploring the Explorers: A Play
By Jessica Fallico
We take the stories of some of history's greatest explorers to the stage!

Freaky Phrenology
By Arran Gerrard
Once upon a time, the lumps and bumps on your head were used to determine if you were a criminal, were good at music or liked animals! What?!

Theodora: An Empress to Impress
By Heidi Murphy, 10 (Junior Historian)
Heidi shares her research about an ancient empress who had serious girl power in her winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Fletchette
In World War I, warfare took to the skies for the first time. Unfortunately, so did the fletchette.

HistoriCool Person: Coco Chanel, Fashion Icon
From disadvantaged beginnings, Coco Chanel revolutionised women's fashion forever.

The Gory Story: So You Want to be a 19th Century Performer
Well... Think again...

History in the Headlines: Roman Hot Wheels for the Win
A recent discovery of an ancient Roman toy has rewritten the history of chariot racing!

My History: with Campbell 'Bumble' Remess
12-year-old Campbell is on a mission to see cancer become a thing of the past, one teddy bear at a time! Campbell chats to us about his incredible project, school and the future!

HistoriCook: Fit for a King
Blend up a smoothie that would once have only been allowed for royalty!

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