Technology Through Time

Technology Through Time


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In this issue we look at some of the ways technologies have had a lasting impact on our lives - from the way we tell the time, to how we do our jobs, to the movies we watch! And what happens in a war zone when the only 'technology' available is a bike pump and a loud speaker? We find out!

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Technology Through Time Timeline
From the invention of the printing press to iEverythings, we marvel how far technology has come and where it's going next!

Telling Time Through Time
By Kate Barry
Before the digital watches on our wrists and mini computers in our pockets, people looked to the sun, water, sand and light to tell the time!

Film Technology
By Katherine Blakeney
Today, monsters on our big screens look real and animations take hundreds of people and millions of dollars to produce. In times gone past, special effects were, well, a little more basic, but clever filmmakers still found ways to use technology to their advantage!

Luddites vs. The Future
By Lucy Singer
Not everyone is lining up for the new iPhone or Playstation, but in the 18th century there was a group of people who wished technology would just go away for good!

The Ghost Army: Weapon of Mass Deception
By Erin Ulerich
Military technology is so sophisticated that battles are now won and lost with drones and robots! But there was one occasion in World War II when the only military technology available wasn't tech at all... just bike pumps and loudspeakers!

How to Build a Colony
By Governor Macquarie (but mostly Aidan Johnson)
If Lachlan Macquarie had a self-help manual when he was put in charge of the colony of New South Wales in 1810, this is (probably not but maybe) what it would have looked like...

Inside the Catacombs
By Penny Garnsworthy
Deep below the streets of Paris lie thousands upon thousands of human bones, all laid out in pretty patterns... Creepy!!

By Stella Tarakson
In this extract from Stella's book Aliens, Ghosts & Vanishings, we learn about the history of the bunyip and just how many wildly varying descriptions of the swamp monsters exist!

Mummies Exhibition and The Golden Goblet
By Pi Jeffares, 10 (Junior Historian)
Pi shares the wonderful connections she made between one of her favourite historic novels and the Powerhouse Museum's ancient Egypt exhibition in her winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Egg Cuber
Because round eggs are sooo 1960s...

HistoriCool Person: Cleopatra: The Last Queen of Egypt
If Cleo had Facebook her relationship status would be "it's complicated..."

The Gory Story: Uh... Thanks Doc...
Dad's going bald? Some lion fat mixed with some hippo fat and crocodile fat should do the trick. And don't skimp on the snake fat!!

History in the Headlines: Their Hearts Were Definitely In It!
Not even death could keep this husband and wife apart!

My History: with Stella Tarakson
Author Stella Tarakson chats to us about her latest book packed with weird and wonderful historical tales and that one time she met a ghost!

HistoriCook: Food Technology
The microwave was invented by accident, but you can use one (very deliberately!) to make cookies in under five minutes!

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