Aussie Heroes

Aussie Heroes


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In this issue we celebrate some of Australia's heroes. Heroes of war, of sport, of colonial times, and of women's rights. Heroes that make us want to be charitable, try our hardest, and speak up for those in need. These Australians show us that every one of us is just a hero in the making!

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Aussie Heroes Timeline
From a man and his donkey who saved the wounded in Gallipoli, to an Indigenous man who stood up for the rights of his people, to the most successful female tennis player in history... Will your name appear on this timeline one day?

Unsung Heroes of Australian History
By Wendy Ealey, Unsung Heroes of Australian History
Learn the stories of Australia's little-known heroes through song! 

Dream. Believe. Achieve
By Jamie van Wensveen, photos by Dion Fountas
Tim Cahill was once told that he wasn't tall or strong enough to play professional soccer, but that wasn't going to hold him back. 12-year-old reporter Jamie gives us this article on the famous Socceroo and his own personal hero.

Australia's Pied Piper
By Maria Gill
You may have never heard the name Joice Loch, but it's a name you won't quickly forget after reading her incredible story!

By Alex Kopp
What would you do if your home was suddenly taken over by a bunch of aliens? This is what happened to Yagan. His home was his country and the aliens were British settlers. This is what Yagan did next...

A Small Part in a Big War: Recycling in WWII
By Erin Ulerich
Recycling today is an important part of sustainable living that we should all try to participate in. But during World War II, recycling could mean the difference between winning and losing!

History with Harry
By Andrew R. Gabriel
Meet Harry, a Labrador-Retriever cross... Harry's human is a historian who knows all about the past, and also knows just how to calm Harry down on the way to the dreaded Vet! 

What Happened on Easter Island?
By Lucy Singer
Easter Island is famous for its huge stone statues and having one of the most rapid civilisation declines in history. What happened on Easter Island?

The Great Sphinx
By Molly Wild, 12 and Chloe Thiel, 12 (Junior Historians)
Molly and Chloe share their research about one of ancient Egypt's greatest wonders - the Sphinx - in their winning entries to the HistoriCool Junior Historian competition.

HistoriCool Artifact: Eskimo Sunglasses
The world's first sunglasses don't look anything like modern versions!

HistoriCool Person: The Constant Curiosity of Isaac Newton
You might have heard the tale about Newton and a falling apple... We fill in the rest of this incredible scientist's life story.

The Gory Story: Stalin Gets Creative
Before Photoshop existed, Joseph Stalin - the leader of the Soviet Union - had another way to make annoying details in his photos disappear...

History in the Headlines: Proven: AFL Link to Indigenous Game
After years of debate, the link between AFL and the Indigenous game of Marngrook has been proven, and it recently hit the news!

My History: with Josh Richards
Do you want a one-way ticket to Mars? Australian man Josh Richards does and, if he succeeds, you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more from Josh in the future!

HistoriCook: Lord of the Lamington
Did you know that the man after whom lamingtons are named hated lamingtons! Teach Lord Lamington a thing or two by whipping up a batch of these Aussie icons (or food heroes, if you will!)

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