History of Medicine

History of Medicine


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In this issue we thank our lucky stars that we were born in a time of good hygiene, trained doctors and advanced medicine, because the stories inside these pages are... well... not ones you'd want to live through! From being locked inside a quarantine station, to questionable medieval medical practices, to the disease that ravaged the royals, a trip to a 21st century doctor suddenly doesn't seem so bad...


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History of Medicine Timeline
Medicine (whether it worked or not!) has been around for as long as people have been getting sick - the whole of human civilisation! We look at some of the people, ideas and inventions that have shaped medical history.

Inside the Quarantine Station
By Marika Simon
Between 1828 and 1984 the North Head Quarantine Station held sickly and infectious people who had arrived to Sydney by sea. Some left to tell the stories of what happened within quarantine walls, while others weren't so lucky.

Haemophilia: the Royal Disease
By Abigail Singrey
Imagine if you fell over and cut your knee and the wound just never stopped bleeding! This is what happens to people with the disease known as Haemophilia, which the royals know only too well...

Medieval Medicine
By Lucy Singer
When the farmer next door doubles as the village optometrist, dentist and doctor rolled into one, things probably aren't looking too good for your health!

Infect the World
By Aidan Johnson
Disease Travel Inc isn't your average travel agent... But if you're a disease hoping to start a worldwide epidemic, then it's the travel agent for you! 

Why the Bat has No Friends
By Jessica Fallico
In this Dreamtime-inspired play, you and your friends can act out the story of why the bat flies alone at night.

The Great Train Robbery
An excerpt from Chronologica: The Incredible Years that Defined History
Dive into the story of one of the most infamous crimes in British history and the criminals who carried out the bold and cunning plan.

My Great-Great-Great-Uncle Richard Weir
By Daniel Perera, 10 (Junior Historian)
Daniel shares the story of his great-great-great-uncle who fought in World War I and his family's journey to trace his steps in his winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian competition.

HistoriCool Artifact: Compass
Don't be fooled, this ancient Chinese compass may not keep you from getting lost!

HistoriCool Person: Valentina Tereshkova: One Giant Leap for Womankind
If you're a budding astronaut - or anyone who wants to challenge boundaries and take great leaps in life - Valentina Tereshkova is a great role model to have!

The Gory Story: Pass Me My Cat Shield
When Persia attacked Egypt around the year 525 BC, the Egyptians weren't prepared to be hit right where it hurt...

History in the Headlines: Proven: Amber Alert! 99 Million Year-Old Bird Found!
Finding a fossilised bird in a stone is cool, but finding one that is 99 million years old? That's newsworthy!

My History: with Felice Arena
He's the much-loved author of Specky Magee but his latest book The Boy and The Spy has links to his own ancestry! We chatted to Felice Arena about his writing process, his interest in the past, and what's coming next!

HistoriCook: An Apple a Day
Keeps the doctor away, according to the proverb! But just how long have apples been used as medicine?

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