Medieval Times

Medieval Times


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In this issue we look back at the fascinating (and dangerous!) period of history that was the Middle Ages, from the seemingly infinite number of ways in which an unfortunate person could meet an untimely end, to the important roles that kept medieval societies ticking!

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Medieval Times Timeline
From the 12th century Queen of England who never set foot in the country to the invention of the printing press, we look at what really went on in the Middle Ages!

A User's Guide to Dying in the Middle Ages
By Catherine Gordon
If staying alive is high on your priority list, probably don't time travel back to the medieval times...

Lonely Peasant: Medieval Pilgrimages
By Victoria Smith
Pack your suitcase for a medieval pilgrimage, know how to dress, where to stay and what to eat!

Feudal Power
By Kate Barry
Climb the hierarchy pyramid of medieval Europe's feudal system, from the poor peasants to the almighty king!

Casting Back to the Witch Hunts
By Sian Johnson
Witches aren't just warty old women from fairytales. If you were accused of being a witch in the Middle Ages you didn't have much to look forward to...

Rotten Potatoes: Escaping the Great Irish Famine
By Sandi Rivers
The Irish Potato Famine displaced millions. Follow the story of just one of those people as she makes her long journey to Australia.

Turtle Trouble
By Catherine Gordon
There's always two sides to every story, and this article about an encounter between an indigenous group and some European settlers demonstrates just that.

The Dancing Plague
By Anthony Wright, 14 (Junior Historian)
Anthony shows us that the thought of dancing until you drop isn't as fun as it sounds in his winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program!

HistoriCool Artifact: Dimple Maker
This artifact takes the saying 'pain is beauty' to a whole new level!

Charlie Chaplin: The Silent Road to Stardom
Although his childhood was an unhappy one, Charlie Chaplin inspired happiness in millions of people around the world through his art!

Attila the Hun-gry
You'll never look at rump steak the same way again!

My History...with Chris Miles
We catch up with author Chris Miles upon the release of his latest book, Spurt, about his past, present and future!

The Gruelty of the Medieval Table
By Alice Zaslavsky
Alice makes us thankful that we're not dining in the Middle Ages and shares a yummy recipe that looks anything but!

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