The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games


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In this issue we get into the spirit of the Olympic Games, from its ancient origins, to some of the wackiest Olympic events of years past, the history of the Paralympics, and the best stories of courage and sportsmanship to come out of the Games!

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The Olympic Games Timeline
We sprint through the long history of the Games from its ancient beginnings, which saw athletes compete in the nuddy, to the introduction of female competitors and the Winter Olympics!

A Bizarre History of Olympic Events
By Arran Gerrard
Town planning used to be an Olympic event. Yep, that was a thing. So too was poetry, hot air ballooning and tug-of-war... It begs the question, what wasn't and Olympic event?

The Fall and Rise of the Olympics
By Yusef Ahmed
They were the most important occasion on the ancient calendar, so why did the Olympic Games disappear? And why did it take so long for them to come back again. We find out!

The Paralympics
By Kate Barry
After World War II, a generation of young men returned home from battle, bruised, battered and broken. It was these men, and the great effect that sport had on their rehabilitation, that paved the way for the Paralympics. 

And the Gold Medal of Olympic Sportsmanship Goes to...
By Lucy Singer
The Olympic Values are Friendship, Respect and Excellence. Sometimes these values have been epically ignored (I'm looking at the guy who 'ran' the 1896 marathon from the back of a carriage...). But at other times, they have been upheld in the most amazing of ways... 

Trim's Diary
By Sandi Rivers
Read the adventures of Australia's most celebrated (and pompous!) seafaring cat and devoted pet of Matthew Flinders, Trim, as they circumnavigate the continent.

The Snowflake Man
By Marika Simon
Oh, you love the snow? Well wait until you meet Wilson Bentley... He takes love to a whole new level... 

Ihenga and the Patupaiarehe: A Maori Folktake
Narrated by Linda Hansen
A long, long time ago a young Maori explorer called Ihenga happened upon a magical tribe and it's up to him to heal their sick chief! 

The Bermuda Triangle
By Jaeger Fawcett, 10 (Junior Historian)
Jaeger explores the unexplained mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle in his winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Watch Camera
Spying. 1880s style...

HistoriCool Person: It's Mabo, It's Justice
Eddie Mabo proved that a single person can make a huge difference and, Australia is a better place for it!

The Gory Story: Home, Deadly Home
Toilets, staircases and curtains: the deadliest parts of the Victorian home revealed... 

History in the Headlines: King Tut Ready for Star Wars
King Tutankhamun's dagger was one of over 3000 objects buried with him in his tomb. And it is still surprising historians and scientists alike! 

My History: with Terry Denton
We chat to everyone's favourite illustrator about drawing, theTreehouse books and an over-enthusiastic flyer...

HistoriCook: Lighten Up
The Olympic Torch relay is one of the traditions of the Olympic Games. Most of us probably won't ever run with the real one... so we made Olympic Torch cupcakes instead... It's kind of the same, right?

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