On the Move

On the Move


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In this issue we board the history train and speed our way through stories about how and why people used transportation in the past, from migrants arriving by boat, to news travelling on horseback, and some of history's craziest aviation ideas that... well... struggled to get off the ground.

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On the Move Timeline
Time-travel with us through a history of... travelling! From the very first migration of humans more than one million years ago, to the amber light which, stuck in there between red and green, made the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians alike!

People on the Move: Waves of Migration
By Kim Tao (Australian National Maritime Museum)
With almost one in every two Australians having at least one parent born overseas, Australia is well and truly a country of migrants. We explore the stories of just some of the people who left their home by boat, bound for the land Down Under.

Flying (Not So) High
By Arran Gerrard
If you have ever thought that strapping a set of wings to your back and jumping off the nearest cliff was a good idea... You won't after this...

A Railway in the Wilderness
By Penny Garnsworthy
Building a whole train line sounds hard enough. Add freezing conditions and steep mountains to the equation and the degree of difficulty climbs to almost impossible!

Trouble on the Trail
By Abigail Singrey
10-year-old Alfred is just a kid. He can't really be a part of America's history-making horse-back postal service - the Pony Express... Or can he?

Characters of Feudal Japan
By Marika Simon
Move over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The real kind of ninja were just as cool!

Stars & Stripes
By Emmy Lyall
America is throwing a birthday party, and you're invited! (And 320 million of her closest friends and family...) 

My Special Birthday Feast
By Eleanor Hughes
During wartime rationing in World War II, when the government decided how much food you could eat, everyday life became really difficult. But with a little bit of creativity, a birthday feast wasn't quite off the table...

Oh My Gods!
By Madeline Midwinter, 13 (Junior Historian)
Madeline takes us through a who's who of ancient Egyptian gods and godesses in her winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian Program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Mourning Ring
Things are about to get a little hair-raising...

HistoriCool Person: The Don
Australia's greatest cricketer, Donald Bradman, is proof of that old saying "practice makes perfect." This is his story.

The Gory Story: A Heady Matter
If you've ever been teased for having sticky-out ears or a pointy nose, that ain't nothing compared to the children of the Huns... 

History in the Headlines: Will Joan of Arc's Ring Ring True?
A ring belonging to the heroic Joan of Arc has just been bought at auction. But was it really hers? 

My History: with Rachel Kipnis
10-year-old Rachel (or Marta, if you want to call her by her character's name in the Melbourne season of The Sound of Music!) chats to us about doing school work between rehersals and the era in history in which her on-stage family, the von Trapps, lived. 

HistoriCook: Wheely Yummy!
With just three ingredients and a few hours and you'll be driving these snacks right into your mouth!

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