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In this issue follow the history of screen and media from the Middle Ages to today, and the inventions and technology that we now take for granted and use every day!

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Now Showing: Australia on Screen
By Alister McKeich and Lucy Singer
From the advent of television to the Drive-In to Indigenous cinema, this article looks at Australia's screen history.

The (Slow) Sprint to Print
By Deanna Proach
Imagine a life without books and libraries. Imagine a life lived without ever knowing how to read. This article follows the history of print from then to now.

America Invaded: Martians on the Radio
By Gary Campbell
On one night in 1938, many thousands of Americans equipped themselves with gas masks and fled their homes. Why? Martians, of course...

Don't have a Cow, Man! It's just the History of The Simpsons
By Lucy Singer
Learn the story behind everybody's favourite cartoon family!

Waiting for News
With all the information we could ever want just a mouse click away, it's important to remember that it wasn't always so easy...

How to Climb your Family Tree
By Sandi Rivers
This article shows you how you can research the history of your family and create your own family tree! 

The Mighty Thor and his Magical Mjolnir
By Abra Pressler
Read the famous story in Norse mythology about Thor, the God of Thunder, and how he ended up in a wedding dress!

The Terrifying Appetite of Tarrare
By Tim Lince
Tarrare, though you might not know his name, had some of the most bizarre eating habits of all time! With an almost bottomless stomach, this is a story you want to read!

A Day in my Life on the Ballarat Goldfields
By Joshua Winter, 12 (Junior Historian)
Joshua shares his fantastic piece of historical fiction in his winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program.

Caroline Chisholm: A Friend to those in Need
She was commemorated on the five-dollar note, but the help she gave to new immigrants was priceless. Meet Caroline Chisholm.

Were there Girl Ninjas in Japan?
We see ninjas in movies, but they are almost always male. So were there any female ninjas?

Homemade Shampoo?
Without modern shampoo and toothpaste, how did the ancient Romans go about keeping hygienic?

My History... with Paul Verhoeven
We chat to Steam Punks host, Paul Verhoeven, about his past, present and future!

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