Sport in History

Sport in History


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In this issue we run, jump and dive through the histories of ancient sports that have been played by cultures for many thousands of years and cheer on the stories that show why sport has always held such an important place in our history and our lives.

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Sport in History Timeline
From gladiators to modern olympians, we sprint through a history of sport's quirkier sides.

The Ancient Crazy Games
By Gary Campbell
Have you ever played Naumachia or Buzkashi? They are just two of the ancient sports you can read about in this article (and they have some pretty crazy rules!)

Chitty in Changi: An Unofficial Winner
By Lucy Singer
This is the story of one Brownlow Medal winner who you won't find commemorated in the AFL hall of fame, even though he fought for his medal more literally than every other.

Stepping Up to the Crease: Australia's First Cricket Team
By Catherine Gordon
It might surprise you that the first Australian cricket team to tour England were all Indigenous, and what a journey they had to get there!

Against All Odds
By James Anderson
What do you do when you get struck by lightning in the middle of a baseball game? Well, if you're Ray Caldwell, you just keep on playing! Learn about this and other amazing sporting feats you'll have to read to believe.

The Ghost of Beauty Past
By Christian Jaros
Over time, different cultures have found different physical traits to be attractive, from black teeth to long necks. But the most important trait is common to them all: inner beauty.

Who Built Stonehenge?
By Sandi Rivers
Aliens looking for a spot to park their UFOs? Giants wanting a new obstacle for their golf course. Probably not! How much do we know about the real creators of Stonehenge?

A Grimm Tale
By Kate Barry
Once upon a time there were two German brothers... and without them we wouldn't have all the magical fairytales that we love today!

The Mediterranean and Rome
By Taliesin Heyman-Griffiths, 13 (Junior Historian)
Taliesin shares his interest in one of the most important empires of the ancient world in his winning submission to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program.

HistoriCool Artifact: Fire Extinguisher Hand Grenade
It might not look like much, but it may have saved some lives, or shortened them?

Game, Set, Match: Rod Laver
By Abra Pressler
He has a tennis arena named in his honour so there's no surprises that Rod Laver was one of the best tennis players Australia has ever seen!

It's Obscene to be Clean!
Today we don't even think about washing our hands after we use the toilet... But in times gone by, cleanliness was something to turn your nose up at (and not just because of the stink!)

My History...with Caitlin Bassett
We catch up with Australian netballer Caitlin Bassett just before she won gold at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games about her past, present and future!

Fast Food
By Alice Zaslavsky
Alice looks at the historical link between sport and food, then shares a yummy recipe perfect for hungry tummies after a morning of weekend sport!

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