Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries


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In this issue we ponder the stories from history that aren't really finished yet... From the disappearance of a thirteenth century Mongolian ruler to the culprit responsible for Otzi the Iceman's early demise, it might only take one clever mind to write their endings... Maybe it will be yours!

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Unsolved Mysteries Timeline
Strange stone spheres, crystal skulls and a phantom hairdresser?! It's all covered here!

Where Are They Now?
By James Anderson
Can you find what history has lost? From the tomb of Genghis Khan to an entire American colony, they're hiding somewhere, but where?

Frozen: The World's Oldest Murder Mystery
By Sandi Rivers
In 1991, hikers discovered the remarkably preserved body of a man on an icy ridge in the Otzal Alps. Scientists have discovered that the body is over 5000 years old, but what happened in his final days remains one of history's greatest mysteries.

The Mystery of the Missing Mace
By Suzie Luddon
In 1891 a 1.5 metre ornate mace was stolen from Parliament House in Melbourne and vanished without a trace. To this day the case of the missing mace remains unsolved.

What Happened in Westall?
By Christian Jaros
It's not every day that you go to school and see a UFO flying above your classroom... But in 1966 that's exactly what the students of Westall High School thought they had seen. Were they right?

Sketching Nature: A Window to Australia's Past
By Tess Holderness
Much of what we know about the animals that walked Australia before you and me is from the incredible drawings done by those who saw them. Take a look!

Mongol Mail
By Yusef Ahmed
Long before post boxes and mailmen, messages were being delivered with lightning speed across Mongolia!

The Bridge to Nowhere
By Penny Garnsworthy
What's more incredible about the Pont d'Avignon in France? The site of it ending in the middle of a river, or the legend of how it came to be there?

Big Pop in World War II
By Violet Seah, 9 (Junior Historian)
Violet shows how proud she is of her great-grandfather - a veteran of World War II - in her winning entry to the HistoriCool Junior Historian program!

HistoriCool Artifact: Finger Stocks
If you think that detention is bad, wait until you find out what this artifact did!

Pocahontas: A Hero of Many Names
Pocahontas has been immortalised in the animated movie sharing her name, but did you know that the film could have been called Matoaka or Amonute too?

The Artist of Farts
Imaging how many laughs you'd get in the schoolyard if your farts made animal noises! Joseph Pujol took his special talent from the schoolyard to the world!

My History... with Robbie Anderson
You saw him melt hearts on The Voice Kids, now read about Robbie's journey!

Honey... I Mummified the Kids!
By Alice Zaslavsky
Find out why the ancient Egyptians just couldn't get enough honey, then try Alice's recipe for Yummy Mummy treats!

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