History meets science as we go back to the time of prehistoric giants...

Use the Dinosaurs Resource Bundle to engage your students in a study of dinosaurs, their habitats and adaptations.

Australian Curriculum Link: ACSSU073 ACSSU075 ACSSU043 ACSSU094

This resource is delivered as a 16 page PDF in A4 size.

So, what's included?

✓ Dozens of ideas to introduce the topic, dig a little deeper and get creative with it!

✓ Entertaining article entitled 19 Monstrous, Chompy, Scaly Dino Facts for the reading pleasure of 9-12 year olds.

✓ 3-2-1 Question Guide.

✓ Dinosaur KW chart to develop questions for enquiry.

✓ Geological Time Chart worksheet.

✓ Geological Time wordsearch.

Palaeontologist & Archaeologist comparison worksheet.

✓ Dinosaur adaptations worksheet.

✓ Create a Dino activity.

✓ Which Dino are You? fun personality quiz.

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