Eureka & Peter Lalor

Eureka & Peter Lalor


What does the Eureka Stockade mean for all Australians? 

Use the Eureka Stockade Resource Bundle to engage your students in a study of the Victorian goldfields and the fight for rights that helped to underpin Australian democracy.

Australian Curriculum Link: ACHASSK108

This resource is delivered as a 14 page PDF in A4 size.

So, what's included?

✓ Dozens of ideas to introduce the topic, dig a little deeper and get creative with it!

✓ Engaging 700-word biographical article entitled Eureka! It's Peter Lalor! targeted at readers in Years 5 to 9.

✓ Glossary of unfamiliar terms found in the above article to build understanding and vocabulary.

✓ Pre- and Post- reading quiz to assess reading comprehension.

✓ KW Chart template to find out what students know, and what they would like to know about the Eureka Stockade.

✓ Word Definitions Worksheet which uses the Frayar Model to help students define key terms like Democracy and Rebellion.

✓ Comprehensive Eureka Stockade Fact Sheet.

✓ Peter Lalor's Bakery Hill Speech Worksheet asks students to listen to Lalor's famous speech and answer questions based upon it.

✓ Eureka Timeline Cut & Paste Activity

Purchase Issue 18 of HistoriCool Magazine in print or digital format to use this resource alongside the coinciding mag.

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