Family History

Family History


Your family tree is as unique to you as your fingerprint! Help students climb their tree with this HistoriCool Resource Bundle.

Use the Climbing Your Family Tree Resource Bundle to engage your students in the subject of genealogy and to lead in to a wider study of migration, multiculturalism and the role of different cultures in your country.

Australian Curriculum Link: ACHASSK063

This resource is delivered as a 12 page PDF in A4 size.

So, what's included?

✓ 850-word illustrated article entitled How to Climb Your Family Tree, targeted at 9-12 year-old readers, takes students step-by-step through constructing their family tree.

✓ Understanding the Text Tri-Level Question Guide asks students 'Does the text say this? Does the text suggest this? Do you agree with this statement regarding the text?

✓ My Family Tree KW Worksheet for students to list what they already know about their family history, and what they would like to find out

✓ Ancestor Interview Template with suggested questions and blank question spaces for students to use in an interview with an older family member.

✓ Then & Now Venn Diagram Template for students to record the similarities and differences between their ancestor's childhood and their own.

✓ A list of other teaching ideas for utilising How to Climb Your Family Tree in your classroom.

Purchase Issue 04 of HistoriCool Magazine in print or digital format to use this resource alongside the coinciding mag.

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