Governor Macquarie & Life in the NSW Colony

Governor Macquarie & Life in the NSW Colony


How on earth would one go about building a colony?!

Use the Governor Macquarie & Life in the NSW Colony Resource Bundle to engage your students in a study of the governance of New South Wales and the man who shaped it!

Australian Curriculum Links: ACHASSK107

This resource is delivered as a 16 page PDF in A4 size.

So, what's included?

✓ Dozens of ideas to introduce the topic, dig a little deeper and get creative with it!

✓ Engaging article entitled How to Build a Colony "written by" Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

✓ 'Lachlan Macquarie: The Governor' video response sheet.

✓ Governance of the NSW Colony cut-and-paste timeline activity.

✓ Life in the Hyde Park Barracks webquest worksheet.

✓ Port Jackson, 1823 analysis image.

✓ Governor Macquarie's Philosophy worksheet.

✓ Certificate of Freedom template to grant students a 'ticket of leave'

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