Greek Gods

Greek Gods


Who were the deities worshipped by the ancient Greeks? And what is their relevance today? 

Use the Greek Mythology Resource Bundle to engage your students in an entertaining study of ancient Greek gods and goddesses - from Apollo to Zeus.

Australian Curriculum Link: ACDSEH036

This resource is delivered as a 18 page PDF in A4 size.

So, what's included?

✓ Dozens of ideas to introduce the topic, dig a little deeper and get creative with it!

✓ Hilarious tongue-in-cheek article entitled Apollo - Zeus: An A-Z of Greek Gods & Goddesses targeted at readers in Years 6-8 which is sure to spark student interest and curiosity!

✓ Pre- and Post- reading quiz to assess reading comprehension.

✓ KW Chart template to find out what students know, and what they would like to know about Greek Mythology.

✓ Godly Brands worksheet asks students to look at brands that are named after Greek deities and consider the attributes each brand wanted to 'borrow' from its namesake.

✓ Folklore, Myth, Legend & Fairytale comparison activity to familiarise students with different types of cultural stories

✓ The Olympian Gods worksheet

✓ Characters of Greek Mythology worksheet

✓ Art Object Analysis worksheet

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