The Pintupi Nine

The Pintupi Nine


Who were the Pintupi Nine? And how does their modern-day story relate to first contact stories in 1788? 

Use the Pintupi Nine Resource Bundle as an interesting and novel supplement to thinking and learning about first contact in Grade 4.

Australian Curriculum Links: ACHASSK083ACHASSK086

This resource is delivered as a 11 page PDF in A4 size.

So, what's included?

✓ Dozens of ideas to introduce the topic, dig a little deeper and get creative with it!

✓ Engaging article entitled Strange Encounters: Ancient Meets Modern about Australia's 'lost' tribe, the Pintupi Nine.

✓ Pre- & Post Reading Quiz for analysing prior knowledge and reading comprehension (answers included).

✓ 'First Australians' Video Response worksheet.

✓ 'Lost' Tribe Profile worksheet asks students to consider the first contact stories of other 'lost' tribes from around the world.

✓ What Would YOU Do? activity uses Edward de Bono's 6 Thinking Hats to get students thinking about the decision of the Pintupi Nine members to enter the modern world or remain undisturbed by modern life.

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